Why the Color of Your Living Room Matters

Real Estate

If you look around the rooms in your house, you’ll probably discover a color theme. Maybe you have a sea of blues and greens—or a variety of sunset shades. What is the meaning behind your favorite colors? What does it say about your personality? Take a look at how you can best reflect your personality with a fresh new coat of paint.

1) Painting Your Walls Red

If you are a “take action” kind of person, and have a dominant personality, RED is probably your color. Painting your walls red will stimulate the body and mind, plus it will increase your circulation.

2) Painting Your Walls a Shade of Blue

Are you a calm and relaxed person? Then BLUE probably appeals to you. And if you’re not usually a relaxed person, this color can decrease the stress. Blue is also considered to soothe illness and even treat pain.

3) Painting Your Walls a Shade of Yellow

Often called the cheeriest of colors, YELLOW signifies fun-loving, happy people (however, it also links to those who are impatient). To brighten the moods of your family and friends, use this yellow in your home.  Light shades of yellow are great when staging your home to sell, as it leans towards neutrals, but still gives off a cheerful emotion to prospective buyers.


4) Painting Your Room Orange

ORANGE is the color of optimism It is associated with social and energetic people. Orange has been known to enhance social interaction when used in a room. 

5) Painting Your Room Purple

PURPLE enhances imagination and creativity; it is the best color to describe an artistic personality. Take caution, though, some people think this color represents immaturity and impracticability.

6) Painting Your Room Pink

Are you a loving and nurturing person? Then, PINK is definitely your personality color. Shades of pink tend to be a favorite among feminine people.

7) Painting Your Room Shades of Brown

If you’re a down-to-earth person, then shades of BROWN are super for your walls. This color is often affiliated with security, protection and wealth. Lighter brown shades like beige or taupe are another great color choice when selling your home.

8) Painting Your Room White Shades

WHITE denotes purity and wholeness. It’s thought of as the color of perfection. As the ultimate neutral – this is a recommended color choice for home sellers.

9) Painting Your Room Gray

If you can’t decide on which color best suits your personality, then use GRAY. Light shades of gray are considered neutral and are often used by homebuilders in new construction today.