Starting Your Home Search


When you decide it’s time to set out to look at homes, I recommend that you bring the following items along:

•  Notebook and pen to take notes
•  Tape measure to double check the room sizes
•  Flashlight to see enclosed areas in the home

As we begin looking at homes, I will provide you with detailed information about each home we see. You still want to find out as much as possible by asking me questions, and doing more research. Most sellers do understand that buyers want more info, so they should be willing to oblige. They know that their home will be looked over thoroughly.You can also ask any questions about specific rooms, features and/ or functions of the home. If you want to go back to a home for another look, I’ll be happy to schedule an appointment.


Questions You Should Ask When Looking At Homes

Buyers purchase homes for several reasons: to be closer to a job, get more space for a growing family, downsizing, or other lifestyle situations. Considering your own reasons in mind, ask yourself the following questions:

•  Is there enough room for your family?
•  Is the floor plan right for your you?
•  Are there enough bedrooms & bathrooms?
•  Is there enough storage space?
•  Will you have to replace any appliances or make other repairs?
•  How much maintenance or upgrading will you need to do?
•  Will your furniture work in this space?
•  How does the home inspection report look? Is everything ok?
•  Is the Sellers’ Disclosure filled out?
•  Have you checked out the community the home is located in?

Finding the right home for you

Remember, there is no set number of homes you should look at prior to deciding to make an offer on the one you choose. Your perfect home may be waiting for you on your first visit. If it’s not, then the house-hunting process will help you get a feel for the homes in the community and create your “wish list.”

Contact me to start your home search today!