Hiring a Realtor? Do This First!

Real Estate

If you’re in the market to buy your perfect home, it should start with hiring the right real estate broker. But how do you determine which Realtor is the right one?

Follow these four steps to help you narrow down your choice:

1. Look Them Up & Learn More About Them

Check out their online presence. Is their website and social media up to date? Do they have recent listings and sales that you can see? Also, don’t forget about reviews! If you are wondering what its like work with a worthy real estate broker, start by reading what past clients have to say about them. Realtors can tell people that they’ll work hard for them, and get them the best deals, but good reviews from past clients tell the real story.

2. Make Sure They’re Knowledgeable

Buying and selling real estate is extremely competitive. A good agent should understand the local market, as well as the real estate business in general. They must understand what you will face as a buyer or seller, so it’s crucial to have an experienced agent working for you.

A part-time agent, is not a able to sharpen their skills and can’t stay on top of the market. Look for a full time professional. The highest skill level and degree of success require a mastery of essential real estate tasks. True expertise comes through practice and repetition, and a very productive agent is continually practicing their profession.


3. Don’t Be Afraid to Test Their Local Market Knowledge

To help you buy or sell a home efficiently, an excellent understanding of the location you are interested in is important.

An highly experienced Realtor will understand the local area/neighborhood dynamics. The real estate market, local economy, area businesses, traffic, construction and climate all influence supply and demand, pricing, days on market, etc. And all contribute to the overall all buying and selling experience.

4. Ask Her the Right Questions

When you decide to begin interviewing real estate brokers, make sure to ask them questions about what to expect from them during the process. Find out exactly what they will do for your. Ask about their communication style - how often will they be in touch with you, how do you contact them? Having a knowledgeable, productive agent is important, but so is a personable agent who is easy to work with.

Buying or selling a home is a huge undertaking - possibly the biggest investment in your life!  Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right agent. Experience is important, but good communication and rapport is also critical. Do you get the feeling during your interview that the agent is trustworthy and honest? Find someone that’s going to work hard for you and your best interest!