Does A Home Office Appeal To Homebuyers?


The housing inventory has been a bit tight in the past few years. I make it my business to always stay diligent about keeping up with the all of the local real estate trends to help my clients buy and sell homes in this competitive market.

Remote Workplaces

Working from home is clearly a rising trend.  According to recent data from the U.S. Census, almost 8 million people worked at home in 2017, and that number is increasing every day. Therefore, having nice home office space is becoming an integral part of the millennial home purchaser's criteria.

Here are some tips to help you with your home office:

Create a Dedicated Office Space in Your Home

One of the most difficult things to overcome when working from home is the distractions. It’s important that you create an atmosphere that is conducive to creativity and professionalism. If your home is large enough to accommodate an office/den dedicated solely to working, this will be a big draw for many millennials who plan to work from home. If you don't have a dedicated office/ den in your home, you should try to establish a semi-private area in your home where a potential buyer could picture  themselves working on a computer keeping their documents.

The Outdoor View

Rather than putting your desk in a corner, try moving it close to a window. Buyers will appreciate the chance to take in the scene during the workday. This will make the room more enjoyable also. Keep the shades open during showings if your home is for sale.


Don’t Make It Too Personal

Buyers want to envision themselves in the homes that they view, so I recommend removing items that are  "overly" personal. Things like your kids’ artwork, and too many personal notes and photos may turn off potential buyers. Remember to keep this space carved-out specifically for work only. 

Keep It Comfortable

Many office environments try to make creative spaces away from the employees' desks in order for them to think and brainstorm. A home office should provide the same type of comfortable area. Try adding a loveseat or chair, coffee table and colorful throw pillow. This will help the room feel more comfortable and add a creative touch also. 

Display House Plants

Houseplants have a tendency to convey a happy, healthy home. When your home is for sale a good first impression is extremely important. If  there is a lot of empty space in your home office, consider adding a nice floor plant. If the space needs some color, pair the plant with a colorful container.