Creative Ways To Spruce Up Your Home Office

Home Improvement

No matter how much room you have for your home office, there are great ways to save space and spruce up your work area to make it a place you enjoy working in.

Maximize Your Space in the Office

Be sure to utilize the maximum use of space with shelves, overheads and nesting tables. If the room is extremely limited, try to make good use of vertical space with towers, overheads bins, tall and hanging shelves, etc. Invest in a side table that extends your work area to help keep your main work surface clear. Consider using a mobile pedestal that can double as a visitor seat with the addition of a seat cushion.

Keeping Your Workspace Clean and Organized

Store your older files away from your office space. You can store them in another room or even a closet. Try to keep current projects on your desk. Use stackable file trays for easy access and to save space.

It’s also a good idea to use a dry erase board to track your projects, and your to-do-lists. It’s a great way to easily track what's due and what's finished.

Only store the supplies that you need in your office space. Extra supplies can be stored in an accessible closet or in another room. You may want to aside one morning each month and make a clean sweep through your office.

What Your Décor Says About You

Did you know that even if you’re the only one spending time in your home office, Psychology Today says that your décor reveals your personality?

Plants and foliage: Well-tended plants can hint that at a person intends to stick around for a while.

Post-it notes can indicate that a person may feel overwhelmed, or in over his head.

People who love clocks are usually thorough and very hardworking. Task-oriented people tend to be conscious of the time and often have clocks hanging on their walls.

Some say that family photos are a status symbol; others maintain that they're displayed out of guilt from too much time spent in the office. Some just believe that they are genuinely reminded one of loved ones.

Motivation notes and posters indicate engagement in the job and a desire to stay motivated.

A lot of empty work space hint that someone is probably not committed to his or her job.


Before You Redecorate Your Home Office

Take a good look at your décor, paint, furniture, clutter, greenery, cleanliness, then invite friends and colleagues to suggest improvements that can be made. Ask them for comments on the professionalism and personality of your décor.

Remember to Add Your Own Personal Touches

You don’t need to a lot of money to personalize your home workspace. There are several other touches you can add that don’t cost you much money.

• A colorful mouse pad that reflects one of your personality
• Scenic, or inspirational calendars
• Personal photos in unique frames
• Motivational pens, pencils or other small items that can give a mental boost