3 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Plants

Home Improvement

After this cold and rainy 1st half of the year, it feels like sunshine will never come. Don’t fear, it’s on the way! It might be easy for most of us to combat the heat by staying inside, enjoying our air conditioning,  or taking a dip in the backyard pool— but staying cool and healthy for plants is much more difficult. Most people take pride in a manicured lawn & garden, so naturally are brokenhearted to see them wilt, discolor, and even die during the days of summer. 

Follow these 3 tips to ensure your plant’s life this spring/summer

1. Choose Your Plants Wisely

While they all may all look beautiful, you should be picky when it comes to choosing which plants and flowers to plant. They are not created equal, meaning that not all greenery can survive in all climates. Talk to a to a professional at your local garden center store to decide together which plants will be best for your area.

2. Make a Feeding Schedule

A common mistake that many people make, is to water their plants at the wrong time of day. The best time to water greenery is either in the morning, prior to the sun coming up, or in the afternoon, when the sun is beginning to go down. You should never water your plants for lawn when the sun is out and shining bright. When people do that, the water almost becomes like oil, and fries the plants.

3. Should You Go Organic?

Many people choose to eat organic foods today. However, feeding our plants organic is not really necessary. You can change it up a bit if you’d like, and choose healthier options with some organic alternatives. In regard to your lawn & plants, using organic fertilizer is better because it provides sustained nourishment. On the other-hand, chemical fertilizer provides a quick fix but its results are not sustainable.


Remember, a big part of curb appeal when selling your home is having a nice looking lawn and greenery.

Please let me know if I can help you with more tips that will help you to improve your lawn and garden’s condition this summer.