2019 Home Decorating Trends

Market Trends

2019 is a very interesting year in home interior design. This year, the trend is leaning towards comfort. Great news, right?  Many home stagers & interior designers agree that more home buyers are looking for warmer colors again, intimate space and casual lifestyles. This year’s trend is pairing coziness with emotional comfort:

1. More Traditional Wall Coverings

As with so many trends today - what’s old is new again. In 2019, there has definitely been a strong return to traditionalism. And believe it or not, with that there is a return to wallpaper. You will also begin to see shades of darker green fabrics and various wallpaper patterns also.

2. Smaller Sized Home Furnishings

Today’s home owners are searching for somewhat of a ‘nesting’ atmosphere. They are purchasing smaller pieces of furniture that are staged and arranged in a closer, more intimate setting. This is happening through out all the generational age groups - not just the millennials.

3. Bold Color Changes

Over the past several years, shades of blues have been the go to colors. In 2019, it seems as if green is the “new blue”, and is most likely going to be seen in numerous patterns, and even in kitchen furnishings. If you don't already have some shades of green in your  home, you may want to head out to the store and buy some green color pops!


4. Adding Color “Pops”

Even though the beige / taupe  trend is still very popular, a new trend of adding fun colors to the mix is starting to arise. And actually, yellow is the most popular new color for accent pieces!  Everything from knick knacks, to ceramic lamps to sofa pillows is popping with color.  It's a good idea to stay neutral where you can if you're selling your home, but adding a few color pops throughout your home is a great idea if you want to stay modern and trendy.

5. Warmer Woods 

Once again, what’s old is new again. A fun new again trend is antiques and second-hand pieces. These are starting to show up quite a bit in 2019. Many first time home owners and consumers are buying old wood chests, skirted tables, and other items that carry sentimental value. 

6. Outdoor Fireplaces

With maximum coziness being the big trend this year, don’t forget the outdoor fireplace. No matter where you go this summer, you’re likely to see outdoor fireplaces. They are everywhere!  Just look around. 

With these new decorating trends in 2019, a lot of sellers will need help putting the new look together before listing. If you’re thinking about selling your home and want help making it more modern and appealing to buyers, call me or email me. I can help you get your home ready to sell with all of today’s new trends!